Set Up / Edit Monthly Reward Emails

1. Overview

Monthly rewards is a way to regularly stay in touch with your customers, send them rewards, invitations, specials for occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, holidays. You can set up one reward for each of the upcoming months.

2. Open for editing

  • Open the Settings
  • Click "Customize Rewards"

3. Select month

  • Go to Reward Settings 
  • Click the Edit button
  • A new page showing the settings for the selected month will be shown

4. Turn on/off a monthly reward

Use Turn On/Off from the menu. Turn off the reward while you are editing. Turn it on again when you finish editing.

5. Customize the monthly reward

  • Update the reward settings as needed
  • Use "Preview" and "Send Test Email" to tweak
  • As soon as you "Save" the email it is ready to go

6. Setting the Dates

For a given month you can set the Send Date and Expiration Date. When you click on the fields a calendar selector opens up. 

  • The send date can be set to the first day of the month or later
  • The expiration can be set up to the last day of the next month

7. Enforce one-time use enabled

If you turned on the option to enforce one-time use in the Reward Settings, the email will show a Redeem Now button.

8. Terms and Conditions

On the Reward Settings page you can edit the terms and conditions for all emails at once.