What rewards to offer

Reward Types

You can offer and configure the following types of rewards. 

  1. Birthday Reward is automatically sent to your customers in advance of their birthday. The Birthday Reward is displayed at the Signup Form. Offer an attractive birthday reward knowing that customers generally spend more on their birthdays. A reward could be like "On your birthday get 50% off your bill ($50 max discount)" or "Free dessert with dinner for your birthday!".
  2. You can use Signup Reward to instantly thank the customers for joining your Birthday Club. The Signup Reward is displayed on the Signup Form alternating with the Birthday Reward. For example, Signup reward could be like "20% off first purchase for signing up!" or "Free Coffee for signing up!" It is sent when customer email is verified.
  3. Monthly Rewards automate customer engagement and help maintain customer relationship. Monthly rewards don't have to be as attractive as the birthday reward. They are automatically sent on the dates you specify for each month.

Adding a Birthday Reward is mandatory, Signup and Monthly Rewards are optional. You can change your rewards any time. 

A reward can be an item, a service, or a discount in combination with a purchase. Some businesses offer more attractive rewards at the beginning when they start building customer lists, and taper off to more reasonable rewards as they signup a large number of customers.

If you are an online store remember to enter a promo code for rewards that will be redeemed online. 

For brick and mortar stores, we include a unique promo code for every single reward that is sent to enforce one time use and expiration of rewards. You need to use our mobile app to start using this feature. Click here to learn more.

You should decide to offer rewards based on your business needs. You may offer more attractive rewards as you start building your customer list and then slowly taper off to rewards that increase your profit.

Note that some online stores don't enforce one time use of promo code per customer so adjust your discount appropriately so that even if a customer uses the promo code multiple times, you still make money! 

1. We suggest that you don't offer a reward that is completely free, unless you have thought about it carefully and are sure it will help your business. In particular, if a restaurant offers a free reward, without having the customer purchase any thing, it will turn off the servers who will not get any tip. Offer some thing for free with a purchase, eg "Free coffee with breakfast" or "Free sleeve of golf balls with a round".

2. Do not include terms or expiration information in the reward text, as those are added separately in reward emails.

- A terms paragraph is automatically added to all reward emails so there is no need to add this content in your reward description: "Reward is for one time use only. Reward may not be combined with......". 

- An expiration date is added to the reward email according to your configuration.

3 . A reward MUST be a redeemable item, NOT an announcement. E.g. a Signup reward for instant gratification should not contain text such as "On your birthday you will receive....". A birthday reward should not contain text such as "Sign up to receive your special birthday gift during your birthday month", be specific!