How Monthly Rewards work

Automated monthly rewards let you maintain customer relationships by sending them an exclusive reward each month to thank them for their loyalty.

Monthly rewards are generally related to an occasion during the month such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and other holidays or special events. A reward for the month of February may be some thing like this: "Enjoy Valentine's Day with us and get a FREE Dessert with dinner!".

Monthly Rewards are sent automatically to all customers who have signed up till the time the rewards are sent. You create your reward for a month and set a specific date when it will be sent. This reward then goes out automatically every year!

Setting the Dates

For a given month you can set the Send Date and Expiration Date. When you click on the fields a calendar selector opens up. 

  • The send date can be set to the first day of the month or later
  • The expiration can be set up to the last day of the next month

Monthly rewards can be set up and edited as described in