Set up / Edit Signup Reward Email

1. Overview

A Signup Reward is a way to instantly gratify your customers for joining your Birthday Club. When customers join via the Signup Form on your website, the signup email is sent which contains the signup reward.

2. Open for Settings Panel

  • Open the Settings Panel by double clicking on the signup form and click on "Manage Rewards" button.

3. Go to Reward Settings

  • Go to Reward Settings 
  • Click the Edit button for Signup Reward
  • A new page showing the Signup Reward settings will open

4. Turn on/off the Signup Reward

Use the On/Off from the menu. If the Signup Reward is turned off, customers who sign up to your Birthday Club will receive a welcome email without a reward. 

5. Customize Signup Reward

  • To update reward text, overwrite the text displayed in the reward box:
  • Update the reward settings as needed
  • Use "Preview" and "Send Test Email" to tweak
  • As soon as you "Save" the email it is ready to go

6. One-time use enabled

If you turned on the option to enforce one-time use in the Reward Settings, the email will show a Redeem Now button.

7. Terms and Conditions

On the Reward Settings page you can edit the terms and conditions for all emails at once.