How to display your Signup Form

The Signup Form is an important piece of your Birthday Club. We provide a number of options to display it on your website to maximize the number of customers signing up. Taking advantage of those options will help you to catch visitor's attention, compel them to sign up, and become loyal customers, increasing repeat sales.

1. Choose the best option for you

The Signup Form can be displayed on your website in several ways. CLICK HERE to  explore the options:

(1) Firstly, you can keep the Signup Form on a fixed position on your website, see example.

(2) Secondly, you can pin the Signup Form to a fixed position on the screen, see example. CLICK HERE to learn more.

(3) Thirdly, you can put the Signup Form in a pop-up, see example. CLICK HERE to learn more. This option has the benefit of getting the attention of every visitor and not taking up real estate on your website.

(4) Forth, you can hide the Birthday Club signup form in a pop-up, which is triggered by a signup button, see example.

(5) A good way to get more signups is to show off all your rewards, see example.

(5) You can create a separate page/tab on your website with decorative elements, see example

2. Customize the Signup Forms appearance

Birthday Club offers a number of additional options to customize the Signup Form's style and appearance:

  • Customize the text and date format
  • Adjust colors and transparency to seamlessly match the design of your website
  • Animation settings allow birthday and signup reward to be shown alternately within the Signup Form

CLICK HERE for additional info.