Move the Signup Form from one page to another

Move signup form

It is preferable to add your signup form to the page where you want it to be most visible to your customers. In some cases you may want to move a widget to another page. All the business data entered initially and data of subscribers will remain.

  1. Right-mouse click on the signup form. Select "Cut"
  2. Navigate to the target page.
  3. Right-mouse click on the page. Select "Paste". You can adjust the widget style via signup from settings.
  4. Check the result in preview. 
  5. Switch to mobile view and check the position of the signup form. Click here to know how to make widget visible on mobile devices.
  6. Publish your website. We recommend that you do a short test by signing up with your own email on desktop and mobile phone.

Signup form on multiple pages

You can add multiple widgets to multiple pages. They will all subscribe to the same email list. Right-mouse click on the widget elect " Copy" and then "Paste" as described above.