How does the Signup Form work?

How Does the Birthday Club Signup Form Work?

1. Set up Signup Form

When installing the Birthday Club app on your WiX website a signup form will be placed at your website. Use the settings panel to configure the signup form so it matches your website along with configuring your Birthday Club, and then save and publish the website.

Please make sure that the signup from is prominently displayed at your website.

2. What Happens when a Customer Signs up?

The signup form works on desktop and mobile browsers. When customers sign up, the signup form will collect birthday, name, age group, gender. 

Customers will receive an email to verify their email address. As soon as verified, the customer will be added to you customer list. Also, if you set up a Signup Reward, customers will receive and email with the reward.

Birthday Rewards will be automatically sent to you customers ahead of their birthday. Customers will also received their Birthday Reward every year if they entered their birthday as February 29th.