How and why upgrade to premium?

1. Five reasons why upgrading to premium helps your business

  1. Birthday Club is available for free for up to 50 subscribers. Upgrade will give you access to the full customer list to view and download as well as a customer demographics chart, see customer list.
  2. Monthly Rewards is an important feature to stay in contact with your customers, increase your sales through automated monthly promotions, learn more.
  3. Anniversary Reward a great way to congratulate your customers for their (wedding) anniversary and get them in as a couple, learn more.
  4. Enforce one-time use of rewards (for brick & mortar stores), will enable tracking of rewards usage and make sure rewards can only be used once, learn more.
  5. Customer feedback automatically collects feedback from your customers so you can improve operation and quickly respond to customers in case of issues, learn more.
  6. Send Newsletter allows you to send emails to your customers every month, learn more.

Re 1): Full customer list and demographics chart:

2. How to Upgrade?

In order to upgrade please click on the "Upgrade" button on the Birthday Club settings panel as shown below:

  • Open the Settings Panel by double clicking on the Signup Form:

  • The settings panel shows the "Upgrade" button:

  • When you click on the upgrade button you will see the package selector screen. Select the plan that is right for you

3. Your Plan

Account Settings shows the plan:

Not ready to upgrade? Please let us know the reason, send email to