How are rewards redeemed?

1. Brick & Mortar Businesses, Enforce one-time use enabled

Reward emails will have a "Redeem Now" button. Click here to see how redemption of rewards works for brick and mortar stores.

2. Brick & Mortar Businesses, Enforce one-time use disabled

Customers show the reward email on their mobile phone or on a print-out. Please check the expiration date and optionally track redemptions manually on your own.

3. Online Business

For online stores, customers use the promo code in your check out process. You need to add your own promo code to each reward (Signup, Birthday and Monthly Reward) when you add rewards. You MUST also add the same promo code to your eCommerce engine. Note that the same promo code will be sent to all your customers. Redemption of rewards needs to be tracked by your eCommerce platform or shipping cart.