How are rewards redeemed?

The way rewards are redeemed by your customers depends on whether you are a brick & mortar store or an online store. Birthday Club handles redemption for brick & mortar stores, your shopping cart handles redemption for online stores.

1. Brick & Mortar Businesses, Enforce one-time use enabled

One-time use of rewards is enabled from your settings panel.

The video below shows how redemption of rewards works for brick and mortar stores with one-time use of rewards enabled..

2. Brick & Mortar Businesses, Enforce one-time use disabled

If one-time  use of rewards has NOT been enabled, customers show the reward email on their mobile phone or on a print-out. Please check the expiration date and optionally track redemptions manually on your own. No promo code is generated or tracked by birthday club.

3. Online Business

For online stores or ordering or bookings, customers use the promo code in the check out process using the shopping cart. This is applicable to an online shop such as WiX Stores, or iyou take payments at online appointments (e.g. WiX Bookings), or have online ordering.

You need to add your own promo code to each reward (Signup, Birthday and Monthly Reward) when you add rewards. You MUST also add the same promo code to your eCommerce engine. Note that the same promo code will be sent to all your customers. Redemption of rewards needs to be tracked by your eCommerce platform or shopping cart. 

3.1 Limitations

Please note that currently Birthday Club sends the same coupon to all customers. If you want to apply limitations onto the coupon code such as  expiration, number of uses, those need to be handled in your shopping system. 

Currently we only support one type of redemption by a business. We will add redemption process for a business for which customers may redeem rewards either online or in a brick and mortar store at a future date.

3.2 Additional Info