How does the promo code work?

A promo code can be added for each reward email via the reward settings.

The promo code works differently depending on whether you have an online store or a brick and mortar store.

Online Store

IMPORTANT: If you are an online store, you MUST create your own Promo Code and enter it in your shopping engine. The code you enter in the birthday clubs must be the same as in your shopping engine.Your online store should track usage and enforce any limitations, such as use once per email or expiration date. Please test that the promo code you enter in your Birthday Club works in your shopping engine. If a promo code doesn't work, please contact the support team of your shopping engine. Please don't leave promo code blank.

We simply send your promo code to all customers via reward emails.

Example: Code created in online store and copied to the Birthday Club configuration

To ensure that the code in your shopping cart and birthday club is the same:
1. Go to WiX Stores > Coupons> Create new coupon e.x."BDC2020".
2. Go to Editor and Double click on birthday club widget > Customize Rewards > Birthday reward > Edit> and write your code in the Section "Promo Code from Online Store"
Code that you created e.x."BDC2020".
3. Repeat this process for each reward.

Brick and Mortar Store

You don't enter a promo code. We generate a unique code for every customer reward email that is sent. This code is used to track redemption of rewards, enforce one time use and expiration of rewards and record customer visits by our mobile app Click here to see how it works.

Example: Auto-generated code

Please note that the mobile app for redemption of rewards is a premium feature. You need to send an email to after you have upgraded to turn ON your mobile app.

The text for emails whose redemption is tracked has been greatly simplified and there is no need for customization. These cannot be customized at present.

Once we turn your mobile app ON, new rewards sent will have the new email format with a 'Redeem' button. Old emails sent earlier will be in the old format without 'Redeem' button. These email have the promo code listed. You can use your merchant app to manually mark these codes as redeemed.

Use of merchant app to confirm visits is optional for now. As long as the customers are given their reward after they have pressed the 'Redeem' button on their phone, the reward cannot be used again. You'll have to use the merchant app to record customer visits when we add the feature to give better rewards based on frequency of visits.