What emails are sent to customers?

The following emails are sent automatically to customers:

1. Verification Email

When a customer signs up via the signup form on your website, we send a verification email. A customer is sent verification email only once when they sign up for their first Birthday Club. They don't get verification email when they sign up for more Birthday Clubs.

2. Welcome Email / Signup Reward Email

Once the customer's email has been verified, we send a Signup Reward Email or Welcome Email, depending on whether you configured a Signup Reward.
a) If you set up a Signup Reward, the Signup Reward Email with the reward is sent.
b) If you turned off Signup Reward, a Welcome Email is sent. It tells customers that they will get the Birthday reward before their birthday.
3. Birthday Reward Email

Birthday Reward Emails are sent in advance of customers' birthday according to the email settings. 

4. Monthly Reward Email

if you opted for Monthly Rewards, and created a reward for the month,  the monthly reward email is sent on the date specified by you.

We ensure that a customer is sent a reward email only once.