How does Birthday Club work?

The WIX Birthday Club powered by is an App that plugs in into your WIX website. The Birthday Club is an easy to use marketing tool to gain and retain customers. 

Video: How it works.

Birthday Club Components

  1. The Signup Form visible to visitors to your website
  2. The Settings Panel to configure the Birthday Club
  3. A set of emails automatically sent to customers that have joined your Birthday Club at different occasions
  4. A Dashboard that includes the downloadable customer list
  5. Regular update emails you receive about activities on your Birthday Club

How Birthday Club will help?

  • Turn visitors to your web site to first time customers via the Signup Form. The Signup Form displays the Birthday and optionally a Signup Reward to entice visitors to sign up.
  • Turn first time visitors to loyal customers by sending monthly rewards/updates/specials.
  • To learn about your customers via the customer profiles. Using an add-on mobile SW you will be able to track customers visit & learn about customers and their preferences.

Designed for ease of use

The Birthday Club has been designed to be easy to use. Once set up it will work on its own. The only work you need to do is to honor the rewards when customers visit and show the reward email on the phone (on on paper). Each reward sent to customers a unique promo code that allows to track each of them using the add-on mobile SW.

Customers can join the Birthday Club via a computer or mobile device. Emails sent to your customers are mobile friendly. The Birthday Club works for brick & mortar stores as well as online store. The latter requires that you administrate the promo codes in the Birthday Club as well as in your shopping engine.