How to cancel your account

1. Due to GDPR you should delete the Birthday Club customers from your WiX contact list, see how to delete a subscriber. Your customers have signed up and consented for Birthday Club only. You can access your customer list via your settings, click for more info.

2. Go to Wix Editor, find the Birthday Club signup form on your website, turn off all rewards.

Check that the rewards have been turned off.

Click on the form and press 'Delete' button on your computer. This will remove the form from your site.

. 'Publish' your site again.

4. Email using the email address you used to create your account so that we can delete the customer data as per our policy..

5. If you have subscribed to a premium version you need to cancel your subscription, see

Your customer list is preserved so if you add back the App you'll get all your customer data back. We don't sell or share customer emails. If you want us to delete your customer list, email

Remember, you may still have customers who were sent reward emails earlier and they will expect to get their reward.