Set up Loyalty Rewards

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Loyalty Rewards (also called Frequency-Based Rewards) is an approach where your customers are rewarded based on the number of visits which are recorded by checking in or redeeming a rewards. The principle is well known from punch cards rewarding every x-th visit. FBR, a "digital punch card", however provide a number of benefits over paper-based solutions:

  • Ability to flexibly adjust the reward schema
  • Track reward usage
  • Automatically send emails to customers to encourage them coming back
  • Know your best customers
  • Collect feedback from customers

The following chapters describe how the set up FBR for your business. Please note that FBR is only available for brick & mortar stores. FBR is not available through the WiX UI but is accessible via .

The Loyalty Rewards Scheme

Loyalty Rewards integrates all the rewards available into a solution where each reward usage or check-in triggers the next email to be sent. E.g.,

  • a customer signs up to your Birthday Club, receives a Signup Reward
  • he/she visits, redeems the reward
  • redemption triggers the next check-in email to be sent which encourages the customer to visit and keep earning rewards
  • The customer may receive additional rewards such as Anniversary, Flash Sale. Every visit and redemption of the reward will count towards the number of visits

Setting up the Check-in Rewards

At its core, the Loyalty Rewards solution allows to set up any reward schema within a cyle of 10 visits. The cycle consists of:

  • Check-in emails, which will be sent if there is no reward
  • 1 or more rewards. E.g. if you chose to reward every 5th visit, enter a reward for 5 and 10.

If a customers keeps visiting and either redeeming a reward or checking in, he/she will progress to the next step. Once the cycle of 10 visits has been completed, it will automatically restart.

Avoid Broken Chain

Loyalty Rewards has been designed so customers do not drop out of the Loyalty Rewards system. Ideally, a customer will keep coming back regularly and use the Loyalty Rewards rewards circle to keep earning the next reward.

Check-in emails do not carry an expiration date, customers can visit at any point of time and check in to keep moving towards the next reward. Reward emails, however, will (per your setting), carry an expiration date. If a customer misses the expiration date, he/she will not be able to redeem the reward, hence would drop out of the Loyalty Rewards rewards schema.

In order to avoid such "broken chain", the Loyalty Rewards solution will, as soon as the last reward expired, send a check-in email. The customer can come back any time later and resume the chain by checking in.

Checks at Visit Recording

Loyalty Rewards integrates 3 mechanisms to avoid customers trying to "game the system" by checking in without actually visiting, this way earning a reward:

  • Customers can only check in or redeem every 12 hours
  • When checking in, the application automatically checks customer's mobile phone geolocation. If the customer is not in proximity of you premises, the check-in will be blocked
  • If the option "Visit Confirmation Required" is turned on, the next email will only be sent after the store manager confirmed the visit via a separate app called Mobile Dashboard.

<image mobile dashboard>

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