Agency Dashboard

The agency dashboard is the main UI for your agency to manage your business clients listing. Each agency gets a unique affiliation code. This code links agencies with their businesses. The dashboard allows you to add Birthday Club to your clients who may have website on any platform.

The listing shows

  • business type, whether Online or Brick & Mortar  - in this example (1)  respectively (2)
  •  business name, contact info
  • date when the business was added to the agency
  • number of subscribers and numbers of rewards sent for each of the businesses

You can login to the account of your clients without entering credentials.

" Add New" - add Birthday Club to a business. An email is sent to the business letting them know they've been added to your Agency.

"Add Existing" - add a business that already has Birthday Club to your listing. An email is sent to the business asking them to confirm being added to your Agency.

When you remove a business, only the association of the business with your agency is removed. No other change is made to their birthday club, which keeps functioning. You need to email to cancel their birthday club.

When you add an existing business to your Agency, an email is sent to the business owner to approve being added to your agency. You will see the text "Pending" instead of "Login" for such businesses till they click on the  "Approve" button in the email.