Release Notes Jan-9-2021

1. Signup Form Loading Speed

We made significant improvements to the signup form's loading speed.

2. Reward Email Formatting 

Rewards Options, Set Email Text Alignment allows you to set your preferred alignment. If you select "Center" the reward email will appear as follows.

3. New Email Editing Capabilities

a) You can now insert links into emails: Mark the text, click on the link icon, configure the link. Be sure to select the option "New wondow"

b) If you are an expert user you can now access the html code and make changes to the

4. Test Email Improvements

Test emails are a convenient way so you can check the email which will be sent to your customers.

The test emails are marked in the subject line by "TEST EMAIL". 

Test emails contain buttons and links. If you click on those, you will be taken to a website providing additional information.

5. Monthly Rewards Editing

Please note that you can easily navigate from month-to-month using the drop-down list.