How to convert Facebook visitors into loyal customers

One of the many benefits of Birthday Clubs is that you can use it to convert visitors from Facebook (and other social media) into loyal customers to grow sales! Watch the video below on how to do it.

OR read the following: 

Here are the three simple steps to do this:

1. Create a separate page and install the birthday club app on that page. Make the URL of the page "https://your-domain-name/facebook". The last part must be "/facebook" for tracking to work.

2. Create a button or an image with text some thing like "Get FREE Rewards!" or "Join our Loyalty Club for Exclusive Discounts!". 

3.  Add the button or image to your Facebook page with the link to your full page birthday club for Facebook. 


BTW, you can use the link to your birthday club page in other marketing activities such as ads or email campaigns.

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