How to add Birthday Club to Facebook

Riiwards Birthday Club and loyalty program supports the option to add a signup form to Facebook. The feature assumes that you already have a Facebook page for your business. This will allow visitors to your Facebook page to join your Birthday Club. The mechanism is based on Facebook's tab feature. However it requires that your Facebook page has 2,000 fans minimum. Due to Facebook's technical limitations the Birthday Club tab is only visible on computers, not on mobile phones.


The widget created on Riiwards platform is similar to the widget created on WiX but has limited options for styling. Customers who sign up from either your WiX or Riiwards page widget are added to the same customer list.

1. Login to Riiwards

2. Configure your Facebook Tab Page

  • The Facebook page will consist of a signup from on top of a background image
  • You can select the image from the gallery or upload your own
  • Use the menu items below to design the signup form
  • You can make changes to your design, the changes will automatically be reflected in Facebook

3. Add to Facebook

  • Be sure that you are logged in to Facebook
  • Select the Add to Facebook button to copy the tag page to Facebook. The tab will show up as "Join Our Birthday Club"
  •  Use the Facebook settings to add/remove/reorder sequence of your tabs