What if I Do not Upgrade?

When you cross the maximum number of customers in your plan, we alert you in three different ways as follows:

  • We send you several emails over a grace period of two weeks.
  • Your Activity Report contains a message to upgrade.
  • Your Birthday Club settings panel shows you a message to upgrade.

If you do not upgrade till the end of the two weeks grace period, the following happens:

  • New customers who sign up after the end of the grace period are added to a "Wait List".
  • Customers on the "Wait List" are not included in your customer list and will not receive their birthday and monthly rewards. They do get their sign-up reward.
  • Customers in your customer list keep getting their rewards as usual.
  • When a new customer signs up, we send you an  email alert to upgrade.

When you upgrade, wait listed customers are automatically moved to your customer list and start getting their birthday and monthly rewards.

Questions or feedback? Email support@Riiwards.com